And Then There Were Two

In 2006, when only an orchard dwelt in Aman Dusun's isolation, the owners decided to add a Riverview House to the orchard's company. It also allowed the owner's family to retreat from the city for a day. The Riverview House had an infinity pool and a few comfortable beds; it was the perfect present for the owner's daughter and became the center of many partying grounds. Recognizing the Riverview House's potential, the owners planned to turn it into a small farm retreat. At first, the turnout was not too promising, and the family probably spent more time in the house than all their guests combined. However, that quickly changed, and it set the foundation for the land's new future. And then, the Blue House came. 


The Blue House mirrored the Riverview House, except for the fact that it didn't have an attached pool; it embodied the owner's hope and belief that the land would soon be home to both people and animals. With the construction of the Blue House, the owner turned the unknown land into Aman Dusun and along came the goat farm and a third house. Check "Houses & Rates" to see what lies behind the "Founding Houses" of Aman Dusun. If the house can't accommodate your friends or family, check the "Net Shack" which should give them a home in Aman Dusun.