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A Unique Farm Retreat Built And Conceptualised
by Two Very Passionate Farmers

In 1964, a 9-year-old boy was watching over his goats in Kulim, Kedah. He enjoyed living in the secluded town, but he aspired to live in a vibrant city. After moving to Kuala Lumpur for his studies, he quickly adapted to the city's hustle and bustle. Excelling in the field of medicine, he was given the opportunity to become a medical specialist in London. Returning a specialist to Kuala Lumpur, he and his colleagues established a private hospital; but, the doctor, deep in his heart, longed for his past. He often thought of retreating from Kuala Lumpur and reliving his days back in Kulim. Putting this idea in motion, he bought land in Hulu Langat: a reclusive town concealed by luscious green trees. He turned his land, with the inspiration of his 9-year-old self, into an orchard and a farm retreat. His memories of his childhood started to grow from the very roots of his land. Residing in Hulu Langat’s silence, the boy's dream still remained unnamed. It only seemed right to call that living memory "Aman Dusun."


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Now … Aman Dusun didn’t just sprout from the ground. The development of the boy’s dream required the inner workings of a driven and flexible individual. After all, the disparity between fantasy and reality could not be stitched by those who were rigid in their ideals. An eccentric girl from down south answered his call, matching his passion with her own evolution. Aman Dusun, despite its boyish conception, curved and stretched to the contours of the lady. Despite never growing up on a farm or orchard, the lady took up the doctor's challenge and invested her love into the development. While the little boy dreamt, his passions and memories manifested through the girl. She stretched his dreams to their peripheries and always asked "What if?" From an orchard to a farm retreat to a yoga centre, Aman Dusun kept pace with the lady’s innovation. She became the boy's beating heart, as he rested underneath his fruit trees. Her subtlety to maintain the boy’s dream through different realisations was her crowning achievement. Together, they learned that dreams like Aman Dusun are best shared through the twists of life. 

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