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                  Stretch, Surrender, and Soothe

Aman Dusun's newest addition, the Yoga Retreat is dedicated to guests with a desire to explore yoga and unplug for a few days. Discover who you truly are as an individual as you try out new poses and learn how to truly breathe. Aman Dusun's tranquil bubble is open for those who are looking for a much-needed detox.  ​We welcome people of all different yoga levels to participate. Through yoga, we hope to promote positive physical and mental health. Not a competition between friends and partners, yoga is all about cherishing our individuality and pushing our own boundaries. We cannot wait to become part of your yoga journey! 

Yoga Instructors

yoga teacher.jpg

Hello, my name is Ris! I have been practicing yoga since 2004, mostly power yoga. After back-to-back c-sections, my back was in excruciating pain. Luckily, a friend recommended yoga to me, and I immediately fell in love with it. Since I have always been a sporty person, power yoga came naturally to me. Unfortunately, due to my growing commitments at work, I had to drop yoga altogether for over 10 years. Slowly, my back aches returned, and I realized how beneficial my past practice was. As I started to age, I have also learned that longer and more sustained stretches can strengthen my connective tissue. That along with understanding the importance of my breath, I taught myself how to hack my breathing and control my heart rate. Knowing how yoga has helped me throughout my life, I wanted to share it with other people. With Aman Dusun and all its possibilities at my fingertips, I decided to open a yoga retreat. Today, I am a certified 200hr yoga instructor and certified yin yoga teacher. 

Hi, I'm Susan and yoga is my passion - rhymes doesn't it? Having always been a fervent fan of movements, my journey to my present-day yoga practice started in 1985 in Brunei Darussalam. I ended up working part-time for the physiotherapist, an Egyptian Olympic gold medallist rower Dr. Issam. Eventually, I qualified as a full-fledged physiotherapist. After years of pounding on the step board, slide boards, and core boards, the mind was willing but the body wasn't and a French Canadian trainer introduced me to yoga. There has been no turning back ever since. My yogic journey began with numerous trips to India, where it all began: Trivandrum, Rishikesh, Mysore, Pune, and Kochin. I studied the philosophy of yoga and trained to become a yoga teacher, finally culminating in my Yoga Alliance Certification in April 2013. I have been practicing since 2002. Coupled with my physiotherapist training and yoga practice, I now teach Hatha, Iyengar (alignment), and ashtanga — more so towards therapy and rehabilitation. 

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Sleeping Arrangement for Yoga Guests: How It Works

The Riverview House and Blue House are open for yoga guests, except rooms will be shared much like in a dormitory. Men and women are separated between the two houses unless guests come in as a couple. There are 2 private rooms for couples, with their own bathroom and toilet. They are the Annex behind the Blue House and the Frangipani room in the Riverview House. Individual guests can choose from single or double beds. The two pools are to be shared amongst yoga guests. There's also a mini-library, a badminton court, a ping pong table, and many hammocks around the compound to laze around. Yoga guests may also use our bicycles in their free time. 

the RV.jpg

The Riverview


Frangipani room: 1 double (1 couple)


Ground floor: 3 double
(Total 3 pax)


Loft: 2 single (total 2 pax)

Bluehouse front.jpg

The Bluehouse

BH 1.jpg

Ground floor: 2 single and 2 double (total 4 pax)

12 A four bed double decker made by the hands and hearts of Aman Dusun.jpg

Annex: 2 singles or 1 double (1 couple)

29 1 queen bed, 2 singles. Aircond.jpg
BH 2.jpg

Upper floor: 5 single and 1 double (total 6 pax)


Another view of upper floor

18 Spacious sleeping area for 7 people.jpg


Check in weekdays Yoga retreat @ 11:00 AM , Monday and Check out on Thursday @ 11:00 AM

Check in weekends Yoga retreat @ 11:00 AM , Friday and Check out on Sunday @ 11:00 AM

               Arrival Day                                                         

11am                 - Arrival & Check In

12:30-1:30pm   - Lunch

1:30–4:00          - Free time

4:00–5:30          - Hatha yoga

6:30–7:30          - Dinner

8:00–9:00          - Workshop

9:30                   - Lights off

           Retreat day 2 – 3

6:45–8:15am    - Power yoga

8:35–9:30         - Breakfast

10:30–11:30     - Rebound! 

12:30–1:30pm  - Lunch

1:30–4:00         - Free time

4:00–5:30         - Yin yoga

6:30–7:30         - Dinner

8:00–9:00         - Workshop

9:30pm                  - Lights off

          Departure day

6:45–8:15am   - Hatha yoga

8:30–9:30        - Breakfast

9:30 – 10:30    - Packing

11:00               - Check out





Corporate : RM 1,500 per pax , min 10 pax - max 15 pax

Individual : RM 1,100 per pax , min 10 pax - max 15pax


Group booking with own instructor

min: 10 pax -max: 15pax

RM 900 per pax


Couples: RM2,000 per couple



Corporate : RM 1,300 per pax, min 10 pax - max 15 pax

Individual : RM1,000 per pax, min 10 pax - max 15 pax



Group booking with own instructor

min: 10 pax-max: 15pax

RM 800 per pax


Couples:RM1,900 per couple

*** Choice of beds are on first come first serve basis. Every participant has to be mindful of each other.

Couples stay in the Annex or Frangipani Room.***

What's included:

Daily nourishing breakfast and vegetarian lunch and dinner.

Herbal drink and drinking water.

What's not included:

No breakfast served on check-in day and no lunch served on check-out day


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