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A RM200.00 refundable deposit will be collected upon your booking for cleaning and late checkout penalty.


Please leave the house clean particularly the kitchen area, the sink, and the stove. Please clean the kitchen area: No dirty dishes, pots and pans, blocked sinks, leftover food on the kitchen counter or kitchen floor. Dry the plates, glasses, pots and pans on the rack. Take the photo of the kitchen area and send it to us upon checkout. If you leave the kitchen area clean and check out on time, your deposit will be refunded the next day. Guests can also choose a joint inspection of the house’s condition with the owner/caretaker before checkout. Otherwise the cleaning deposit will be used for cleaning the kitchen area.

Put all used towels in the blue baskets.

You don’t need to make the beds but make sure the house is left neat and tidy.

Separate plastic bottles, glass bottles, and can drinks from other waste in one container and flatten all paper boxes and put them flat on the floor next to the blue bin.

Please do not smoke inside the house. Discard cigarette butts properly in trash bins. DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE GARDEN OR IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE.


Check-in time is 3.00 pm and check out is before 12 noon or latest 12 noon. If you check out after 12 noon to 1 PM we will hold RM 100 from your refundable deposit. If you check out after 1 pm all your deposit will be forfeited. If you check out after 1 PM and the kitchen area is not clean guests will be charged an additional RM 100 fee. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL


The maximum sleeping occupancy of The Riverview House is 10 people, The Blue House is 14 people, and the Annex is 4 people.

Day guests are STRICTLY NOT allowed without permission. We are very strict due to security reasons and property damage control.


Please use the bidets and place them back where you find them. Do not flush toilet papers, tampons, sanitary pads, dental floss, cigarette butts etc. in the toilet bowl.

Switch off all lights and fans when not in use. Air-conditioners should only be used for sleeping at night and are not allowed to be on 24hrs. Unlike ACs in hotel rooms, our ACs are small units and easily get chocked. Please be mindful. Enjoy the natural ventilation outside.

Kitchen basics such as salt will be provided, but guests are expected to do their own grocery shopping. DO not bring/cook too much food. We saw a lot of food wastage left in the fridge and in the bins by guests.

Do NOT pour cooking oil in the sink. A bottle for used
cooking oil is provided in the kitchen.

STRICTLY no pork or pork related foods allowed.

Adhere to the Golden Rule:

            Love your neighbour as yourself. In other words, one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

Please respect our other guests, the surrounding village and their space. Follow the Golden Rule.


DO NOT bring confetti. It’s messy and ends up all over the place and blocks the swimming
pool. Balloons are fine but please take them home. Please clean up after your party.

Pool usage ends at 9.00 pm. Keep noise at the lowest level possible at night.

Inform us if there is anything broken or damaged during your stay here.

The house is a pet-free environment. There are plenty of farm animals to go around.

Park parallel to the house and on one side of the road only.
Please do not take anything out of the house that does not belong to you. Do take care of the house and its surrounding area.
There’s No Lost & Found. Anything you leave behind will be thrown away.

Goat Milking starts at 7:30am at the milking parlour, next to the goat pen. Inform the owner before you check-in if you are interested in watching the milking process.

Yoga class is free for guests. Class starts at 7.30 am and ends at 8.15 am. Please inform if you are interested.

We don't have a great deal of rules. Most are common sense. Primarily, please respect the house and everything in it.

This is a very small retreat -- no frills and nothing fancy. Explore and be adventurous.

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