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Sweat, Smile, Snooze

Over the past few years, cycling has become a growing trend in Malaysia. Hulu Langat is a popular destination for avid cyclists. It also happens to be on the Tour de Langkawi route which covers Jalan Hulu Langat, Pekan Bt. 18, Jalan Sungai Lui, Genting Perés - Jalan Titi - Kuala Kelawang - Jelebu. As we watched cyclists come in and out of town, we realized that they weren't giving themselves enough time to cool down and recuperate. At Aman Dusun, we believe rigorous exercising must be complemented with stretching. For a push, there must be a pull. Stretching through yoga softens the muscles and allows people to recover faster. We are affiliated and partnered with (XXX). Their cyclists will lead guests on popular routes. At Aman Dusun, we'll make sure your muscles are swiftly attended to. 

The Riverview House and Blue House are open for cyclists, except rooms will be shared much like in a dormitory. Men and women are separated between the two houses unless cyclists come in as a couple. There are 2 private rooms for couples, with their own bathroom and toilet. They are the Annex behind the Blue House and the Frangipani room in the Riverview House. Individual cyclists can choose from single or double beds. The two pools are to be shared amongst cyclists. There's also a mini-library, a badminton court, a ping pong table, and many hammocks around the compound to laze around.  

the RV.jpg

The Riverview


Frangipani room: 1 double (1 couple)


Ground floor: 3 double
(Total 3 pax)


Loft: 2 single (total 2 pax)


The Bluehouse

BH 1.jpg

Ground floor: 2 single and 2 double (total 4 pax)

12 A four bed double decker made by the hands and hearts of Aman Dusun.jpg

Annex: 2 singles or 1 double (1 couple)

29 1 queen bed, 2 singles. Aircond.jpg
BH 2.jpg

Upper floor: 5 single and 1 double (total 6 pax)


Another view of upper floor

18 Spacious sleeping area for 7 people.jpg


Check in weekdays Cycling retreat, Monday @ 11:00 AM and Check out on Wednesday @ 3:00PM

Check in weekends Cycling retreat, Friday @ 11:00 AM and Check out on Sunday @ 3:00PM

               Arrival Day                                                         

11am   - Arrival & Check In

12:30-1:30pm   - Lunch

1:30–4:00          - Free time

4:00–5:30          - Hatha yoga

6:30–7:30          - Dinner

8:00–9:00          - Yoga Workshop

9:30                   - Lights off

           Retreat day 2 

6:30–7:15am    - Breakfast

7:30–2:00pm       - Hit the road I

             OWN LUNCH

5:00–6:30         - Yin yoga

6:30–7:30         - Dinner

8:00–9:00         - Yoga Workshop

9:30                  - Lights off

          Departure day

6:30–7:15am   - Breakfast

7:30–1:00        - Hit the road II

          OWN LUNCH

3:00pm             - Check out





Group booking with own cycling guide

min: 10 pax -max: 15pax

RM 700 per pax


Couples: RM1,300 per couple



Group booking with own cycling guide

min: 10 pax -max: 15pax

RM 800 per pax


Couples:RM1,500 per couple

*** Choice of beds are on first come first serve basis. Every participant has to be mindful of each other.

Couples stay in the Annex or Frangipani Room.***

What's included:

Daily nourishing breakfast on second day and departure day, lunch on arrival day and 2 dinners ( includes 1 BBQ dinner)

Drinking water.

What's not included:

No breakfast served on check-in day and no lunch served on second day and on check-out day.


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