Fussy Eaters

I always thought that I was a fussy eater, but it turns out I'm not as picky as our Saanen goats. If anyone calls me a "fussy eater", I would use the Saanen goat's diet as an excuse. Just a few weeks back, the Aman Dusun farmers realized that the Saanens didn't have a preferred diet. In fact, the Saanens never made our jobs easy when it came to their diet. Some days they wanted dry pangola hay with our TMR (Total Mix Ration), but they would refuse to have anymore the next day. If our jobs weren't difficult enough! Unfortunately, the effort needed to follow their random diets has to be done; we don't want our Saanens to starve and become unhealthy. Their milk, dependent on its quality, runs most of the processes in the farm. The tradeoff is worth it!

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