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Ramadan in Aman Dusun

Imagine how much money we could save if our goats fasted. If we didn't have so much free time, we wouldn't be making such silly ideas. As you can guess, it's Ramadan--a season that allows us to see how much time we actually spend eating (a lot).

When it's Ramadan, everything seems to slow down, and the farm is almost living in a blur. We get less reservations, and the sea of tourists seems to disappear. All that is left in Aman Dusun are our goats, and our feathery friends. Maintenance is essential, especially during a time like this. It's easy to just lay back and take a break from the chaos that runs through Aman Dusun every week, but that's not how we do things here. Lying in the midst of Aman Dusun's silence is an ever growing milk business and a steady construction of a new kitchen. We will never stop when it comes to improving Aman Dusun.

Yet, all this quiet has brought some time for us to reflect on the past years--the ups and downs, the memories of massive parties, and those fragrant BBQs. The true beauty in Aman Dusun is not what its future holds but what lies in its past.

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