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Caught Between a GPS and a Muddy Road

Nowadays, it is very tempting to use a GPS when searching for an obscure place. Many people find the GPS to be a reliable tool, but it may have some downsides. Our guests tend to key in our address on some form of GPS: Waze, Garmin, and Google Maps. Unbeknownst to our guests, the trip won't be as smooth as they would think. Just along a side road leading to Aman Dusun, there's an infamous mud trap which has successfully trapped many dozens of our guests in their cars. Coincidentally, all of the mud trap's victims have used some form of GPS.

The worst part about the mud trap is not witnessing a car fall into its endless pits but pulling that car out. Don't worry! We will pull your car out even though we might lose our sanity doing it. The countless cases of stuck cars have riddled our whole schedules every weekend. It's tough to live a life as both a farmer and tower!

For all future guests:

DO NOT use a GPS if you are traveling to Aman Dusun. Please visit the "Getting There" page and see the specific instructions for finding Aman Dusun. For now, drive safely and avoid those mud traps!

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