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The Bicycle Route: Discovering A Chinese Town

Our bicycle route is a great activity to loosen up and burn some calories. We, however, discovered this route not through our health concerns but curiosity. The route passes a variety of farms, and a Chinese village hidden from Hulu Langat's main road. Going deep into the surrounding forest, we didn't expect to find a town. This wasn't any ordinary town either because it had many aspects of a thriving urban area. Cycling aimlessly on this route, we found a Chinese welfare society, a beautiful Taoist temple, and multiple recreational fishing ponds. Some of these places can't even be found on Hulu Langat's main road. Thus, all of us had one question in mind; why was a developed town hiding in Hulu Langat's forests? It seemed impossible for such a developed town to be incredibly secluded. Even though it is deep in the forest, the developed town should have been a thriving center for Hulu Langat's farmers and residents. Our question have not been answered, but you can also see what truly lies behind Hulu Langat's hidden forests. Maybe one day all of us will truly understand the history behind this secluded town.

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