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Goat Breeding, but Pizza Making?!

Aman Dusun has been remembered to be a home for a hundred amazing saanen goats. They truly run the place and are a popular attraction when Aman Dusun has guests. However, a recent development could give these goats a run for their money. Behold, our firewood pizza oven (it turned two just a few days back).

The owner's family loves pizza, and they would usually make a quick run to La Risata--an awesome Italian restaurant--after a hard day's work in the farm. Unfortunately, the owner doesn't have time to run back and forth from Ampang and Hulu Langat, so she decided to build her own firewood pizza oven. Well, it's not just a firewood pizza oven; the owner has managed to cook tandoori, mutton biryani, and everything else in between. The aroma of our baked goods is quite different--in a good way--than that from conventional ovens. Of course, the owner's oven at home will not be happy to hear this, but it's true.

Sharing and cooking food has always been a tradition in Aman Dusun, even before it became what it is today. The farm was meant to be a retreat from the city where the owner's family could bond--over a lot of food. That hasn't changed, and it never will. Friendship and hospitality is made through food, and this firewood pizza oven will ensure that that never changes. So, stop by Aman Dusun to share a few pizzas with us!

For all those avid DIY builders, we saved this section for you. Here are a few pictures of our firewood pizza oven, and the various steps we took to create it.

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